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Winter Mode!

The meet is now in winter mode! We still have some events planned however we won’t necessarily be meeting every Thursday. We currently plan on hitting the Pagoda November 12th. Check our facebook page for more info! 

Meets are Weekly once again!

You may still want to keep your winter wheels on because of all the potholes but at least you can come to your favorite Euro meet on the weekly now. We’ll be out at the same location¬†as usual starting around 7pm. We’ll only be holding off for rain or any unusual weather events, so check the facebook page or on vortex for updates.


Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Tomorrow¬†we will have a meet at the regularly scheduled time and location. If we’re lucky the weather will be nice next week and we can resume regular meets! I’ve personally missed hanging with the crew and eating chipotle, and I’ve also missed being outside without five layers of clothing on to protect me from the Arctic blasts we’ve been having.


We hope to see you there! If you have any questions about the meet details check the location page.


It’s almost time for meet season once again! I hope you’ve made good progress on your winter project, I know I haven’t. Be on the lookout for announcements regarding Thursday meets in the near future depending on weather and soon enough (probably no later than the beginning of April) we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Winter Mode!

The meet is now in winter mode! We will now meet on the first Thursday of the month until it gets nicer outside, probably in April. We will post the meetup plans on the facebook page and probably vortex so follow us there for the most up to date information. We occasionally meet for chipotle, burgers or other tasty foods to avoid freezing outside. We look forward to seeing you there as well as to the warmer weather so we can have have normal meets once again!