Member Spotlight – Alexander Cabinian

A new feature of our web site is being launched today. Each week, we will profile a member of Fahrenhart. Today, we start out with a profile of the group’s resident racing driver.

Name: Alexander Cabinian

Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ

Current Location: Cherry Hill, NJ

Job: Senior QA Engineer, Comcast – Downingtown, PA

Interests other than cars: beer, computers, video games and technology

Thanks to a friend of mine who got me to come out to an autocross event in Atlantic City on July 31, 2011, I’ve been hooked on racing. Whether it be autox, track days, wheel-to-wheel road racing or drag racing, I’ve jumped into all of it. Being able to control a car at its limit while going fast is a never-ending pursuit and makes time spent at the track worth every second.


2009 Volkswagen Mk5 Golf GTI

  • Bought in August of 2009, this was formerly a dual purpose track/autox car and daily driver. Recently, though, it has recently been relegated to daily driving purposes. However, it still retains all of the equipment from its days as a race car: K04 turbo, Bilstein coilovers, APR sway bars, USRT chassis bracing and others.
VW Golf GTI, SJR-SCCA Solo 04/12/15
Photo courtesy Bravo Whiskey Productions

1986 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V

  • Bought in December of 2012 to be the race/fun car, it has seen its fair share of motorsport and broken parts in 2.5 years. Relatively fewer modifications have been done – the car has an ST Coilover suspension, front sway bar, a rebuilt 020 transmission with a Peloquins LSD and an OMP fibreglass racing seat. Other than this, the motor, with its CIS-E fuel injection system, is stock.
VW Scirocco 16V SJR-SCCA Solo 07/12/15
Photo courtesy Steven Bryson Photography and Design

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